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"Confusion will be my epitaph"

King Crimson

Smells like … medicine.

It I feel when I read reports on copyright and on the ground "legal" battle of the music.

Over the last twenty years, much as the industry calls home because of the avalanche of technological innovations.

The smartest and success been repaired and made a profit from this transformation.

Others come to die, quite simply, quietly and without all that noise for nothing. Will probably be quickly forgotten, however, some people, good memories of them.

However, the most terrible cries are as pigs slaughtered to death, and his attack of fever, drugs that break on the table. The drugs, which could have provided some improvement in their condition, if he pays attention to them.

But instead of broken bottles the room is filled with the heavy smell – and it smells like medicine.

You can judge by the patient's behavior is action that takes place in a psychiatric clinic. These actions of the patient is pretty illogical, absurd and stupid. So a First, you want to come and help yourself using simple words. On the other hand, feels tedious and consciousness. And because of the behavior of the walnut, which are completely discouraged from participating in destination a little longer. And you look ugly image, you know what? – I prefer to leave the room. Let's make that the best years, the patient (who probably had many) back to mind instead.

I was wondering too long the time of the recording industry lost its charm and attraction, everything he owned in the old days? Good old days, where each label has its own recognizable face – a brilliant personality, which is expressed not only in the design of labels on vinyl, but whatever the label were made.

What happened to the music industry in the way of "Beat" was a "bit" was?

There are many articles written on the subject, mostly meaningless, referring to the business model and concepts of "market share" and other abstractions.

Call me a placebo – a placebo which is placed on the patient table. The patient looks at the pill and put it on the head while go well, everything goes as planned, everything returns to normal …

I want to touch another high-level abstractions, which are not directly related to the company itself, but directly related to his death – Charisma, enthusiasm and energy …


What is the main difference between the labels of gold "Beat" era, namely the years seventies of last century, and today his followers the "bits" was?

In fact, there are many differences, but deletion.

At that time, record companies were run by great people. Personalities!

Today the majors are run by small category of "non-body, and no name."

Most of them have no connection with music whatsoever. They are either accountants or lawyers. Sometimes, in fact, this is particularly horrific.

That is to say Classic – "office plankton. "

Although it is very well paid and the plankton light, plankton and rest would be a great mistake to think that the quality of music depends only on the musicians themselves.

People like Richard Brenson (Virgin), Stig Anderson (Polar Music) Berry Gordy (Motown) and Daniel Miller (Mute) had great charisma by themselves. Yet it is not clear that there was more of the same – "Artists and labels" labels record executives. Brenson charisma undoubtedly superior to that of all the musicians, and still hangs over its 200 businesses, whatever they were doing.

Only an idiot would be confused with vinyl vinyl Motown Virgin. They were carriers of a specific culture. They had both style and unity.

Your product is survived labels themselves and the artists that were recording. Today, 30 to 40 years later, their products are still sold, changed hands several times and, more importantly, the price is rising.

Sold for real money, even if the music of these documents million is available in web site. Despite its availability for free, people are spending $ 30 for the same thing on vinyl.

This is not because the its vinyl somehow special.

The reason is charisma, which is present not only in people, but also inanimate objects, in spite that organized religion do you think.

But this is one condition: that if inanimate objects were created by people who have such charisma. Only if the operator has put his soul in production is possible.

Charisma adds value. And in our time, where everything becomes free, it suffices to create value. Not added, but simply value, which is amazing in itself.

Charisma is the key to success computers with the logo of the apple "bite".

Charisma sells vinyl records with the Beatles "clauses" apple. Both companies Apple s-a musical and a team – are the most notable examples of charisma. Nobody needs to be persuaded to buy your product. People fight for her, despite the millions of others, apparently free of charge.

What I want to know is when you have all this mass production of batteries to be faceless plastic that needs persuasion to buy?

This moment is well known. It is time that the music labels of all clear and interesting have been bought by companies, depersonalization total music products.

The acquisition of one company by another does not make much sense in itself. This does not occur when you have delivered tangible benefits to justify the cost of acquisition. Especially when a large accounting firm acquires a small team creatively and effectively, hoping to buy their creativity and charisma. No. But all they can do that is to kill all the creativity and bring your old charisma to zero, plunges into the pool mud called "corporate culture."

But one way or another acquisition, the costs to be recovered. And then a new format as a request-sounding but low-cost and compact discs practice appeared.

Records, being also the result Plastic pressing the same time, there was still a great individuality. Let's start with the fact that the same record, released in different labels across countries, it seemed quite different, and there were many other details. But greed and the desire to sell the material to real Record companies purchased a new form has led to mountains of plastic inanimate. You put the first nail in the coffin of the music industry.

Despite the initial euphoria over the huge sales of CDs, is matched only by injecting a final dose of a drug high. Feel very good, but not for long, however.

Meanwhile, the charisma of the artist also suffered dramatic changes. Age musicians whose life could fill a book has been replaced by the era of musicians, one can write a paper envelope.

And then we could not write to the attention of advertising, because there was nothing to write about the artist. And journalists and managers do public relations "creative thinking can help you get the public to know that the artist, whose album he had to sell.

We all know how much over. the music press has come to nothing in most places in the world because of total lack of foundation for their business. scandals and cheap attempts to "compensate" a brilliant personality does not work for the new generation, she feels everything is false. While Amy Winehouse scandals comic look about for some B. Spears are not but misery.

Charisma is a charisma that attracts people. This attraction works for the benefit of charisma-holder and his family all the time.

Even when things are universally free, the charisma that made money its owner – one way or another.

A single unit (PRB) with charisma. Can not be manufactured. Or not. And those who preach the pop psychology and say they will teach you how to be charismatic through various NLP methods – so we can all go to hell. As everyone knows, the only advantage of training in NLP is the salary of the instructor of NLP.

A final contrast with the recording industry the new era, when they are not related to charisma, but worth mentioning, is the feature.

What were the historical roles of record companies?

Here are five basic functions:

– Find an artist

– Recording Artist

– Promote the artist

– Distribution of recordings

– Deceiving the artist

For a while, all these tasks were done very well, especially the latter, where the highest levels of the instruments have been achieved.

But with the advent Internet (which is even indecent to say now) the only task that the tag may work better than the artist has left him, and it last. Artists, however, can also make mistakes, and above expectations.

Otherwise, the artists found themselves on their own record (with technology, which makes the process less expensive, and the recording quality does not seem worried at all). Distribution has become a wonder, all promoting could be in any way with the help of this network in all its manifestations.

At some point the situation seemed idyllic.

Full freedom [deleted] utility that should be considered separately), no filters in the form of a file "and R-operators (They are foreigners who believe that their musical tastes to be near one of the masses), the immediate distribution of music worldwide. This is a kind of fairy tale comes to us!

Well, everything is good except for one unfortunate detail.

People buy not the music.

And do not buy form. Or CD, or music files. Neither expensive nor cheap. Neither the album nor the artist.

– No, thank you. I do not need.

– But Why?

No, please do not give me iTunes music store and successes of Radiohead as proof that it is still possible to sell music and only have to find a business model.

I'm sick of these two examples, because only a publication very lazy to write a story or two about Radiohead.

Apple does not have an advantage in the iTunes Music Store, and has been repeatedly stated by the company. Frankly, the service is on the verge of a recovery, but always brings the greatest benefit indirectly – by the iPod selling. The number of shares sold on iTunes Apple sounded very convincing presentations and even better when talking about Steve Jobs. But, unfortunately, are not comparable when it comes to the number of free music downloads on the Internet. And this is by far the most successful magazine in the world!

So if someone took the experience seriously Radiohead let the public choose their own price to download songs for the new Radiohead album, I would have had views of the child, naive in the world. I think what my life would be simpler.

In fact, the tactics of Radiohead is always brilliant, but a totally different way. Leak history and need the Internet, the group simply f ** ked the world of media, to get a publicity campaign for an incredible and unbelievable arrogance. No wonder that after a while, both of Radiohead and their case is what they had to reach, with strong sales of CDs and LPs and other real nice accessories.

The only lesson I take from Radiohead's experience is that when the music is really good and the artists are brilliant people, its products are sold for money anyway.

It's good music. Regardless of whether or not a hack. Especially if you put aside your illusions stupid …


illusion first and most bizarre is that each new album lead to a realization at least a large manor house on a private island.

Even thought the Beatles across "a song – a pool" (and still, it was a joke). But one can think that way. His music brings joy to millions of people for over forty years and millions copies sold today.

During these forty years, no artist can get very far from the level of genius.

And who says that a singer whose album you can hear once the merit fast forward the same income? T public attention that a budget of millions dollars invested in "this" and it must be recovered?

Who invented the concept of a band or a composer must have surplus revenue?

World history does not confirm this state of affairs. Excluding these twenty to thirty years the growth of the industry music (which is a drop in the ocean), the rest of the time, creative people have incomes that are barely sufficient to do things they love do not worry too much money. At least, no need to divert the attention of creative activity and forced to earn money otherwise.

No one promised a private island for this type of activity.

We will have a clear vision.

It was just a moment, a moment between past and future. It was called the music industry. It was very brief. It was the junction between the time when there was no physical media, and when no more physical media. What is terrible about that?

We still have many remnants of that era. Maybe it's for everyone?

Above around me like a sentence I said to One of my friends who is an engineer. One of the duties of his job is to listen to a lot of new artists for one reason or another.

Do not listen free music – he said.

Defenders of copyright and all other lawyers, no need to start animating. This does not mean he has to listen to free music. He was referring to voluntarily refuse to listen to modern music, unless you paid for it.

Approach is worthy of respect and understanding. After all, if you bought a rotten fish, considered a threat to their health. Why not worry about their mental health, or at least a mood spoiled?

And the problem we have here is created by the same benefits that I mentioned earlier as potential for a fairy tale music business.

These technologies, which were previously designed to provide unprecedented creative freedom, no distribution without impediment – he worked the opposite direction.

The illusion of freedom of expression

That sounds tempting, no? Only if you put aside a fact which is demonstrated Today – 99% of people can not create anything, in fact, valuable.

The best way to prove is the Internet itself is to say, its Web 2.0, reincarnation.

People who create quality content in the past, continue to create. Everything else is full of garbage.

Have you ever noticed that people who think they are really serious ever blog (unless your profession)? The cat is not their specialty, and have little interest in the opinions of others. His job is to create something …

Good or bad, but the purpose of others is not to consume, create, and this has always been.

Today, everyone is expressed, and this is not a problem in itself. Even useful, if nobody sees it.

The problem is that everything is done for himself and his friends, but put on the market as a product of real music.

Now try to find something I like in this market in a pile of rubbish music. At a minimum, you must be a music lover who really determined to spend all their time in the filtrate.

I I have a question for the industry Disc.

Do you really think they should pay the same $ 18 for all the noise and the dark side of the moon on a nearby shelf?

Or is this a joke?

What in the finals?

Freedom of expression has been good in theory but led to the situation, even for people who exploit technologies that are very good (and I am one of them, frankly) is practically impossible find something of value on the Internet. The noise has exceeded all reasonable levels.

Illusion of censorship.

Previously, the censors were labels. Although they were young and creative personalities led by – it is filtered. They have done great things, we can save, the public, swimming in the sea of shit.

Yes, sometimes you make mistakes and not always recognized talent, but in general, these tags allow at least some Artists of great scale and great potential. If there were none of these filters, you never hear about.

How are you really record labels were absorbed by the gang of accountants, lawyers across groups of transnational media, the filters are aggravated. Over time, that was so shit, in fact, it would be better without them. But it turns out, the problem is not in the filters, but in quality.

So here's what we have.

Musicians and industry that had everything you could imagine. All the latest technologies are in their hands.

Virtual education – creating almost free.

distribution system is simply free.

opportunities Marketing on the Internet are enormous, considering an approach to creative marketing.

Everything is great except one thing. Most people do not want to buy music most of all new. Bastards are not afraid or laws, or permanent "harassment." Musicians and industry has everything you always wanted, but people do not buy most of their products.

Or rather a new product.

Due to the Beatles Queen, Pink Floyd, ABBA, etc. are still sold in the unusual number of copies. MP3 on CD, vinyl – whatever you want. The musicians are all retired, but his albums are still sold, without any special marketing effort.

At this stage it would be appropriate to accuse me of fear of novelty, but not necessary.

Firstly, I do not care.

Secondly, I know when a new group that appears can be very loved, I love.

Similar to how he fell in love Air, Zero 7, or a reincarnation of the Future Sound Of London. I already had the mp3 for free, and then I bought the whole CD and on vinyl.


But it is an exception to the rule. Unfortunately, there is very little fall in love with new music.

Almost nothing …

Everyone knows a site of great music – This site is an excellent tool for understanding what "love" most people. As everyone knows, statistics that meets real people actually listen on their computers. It is much more honest than all expenses paid, to the graphics in the world. Even if not paid, Charts and purchases but love is not true. You can buy the CD without too much thought, or under the influence of the media. But no one will force you listen to all day.

Thus, while Last.Fm does not remember the Beatles less than the third row. Forty years after his last song.

And the rest of the Top 20 are true artists and brilliant.

And incidentally, the elderly are not the only people who visit

Is not that a sign of creative impotence? No one is able to compose new material in relation to which we have done before? Of course, I am proud, happy, happy and stuff, but how can it be that the greatest success achieved has been affected by things you did twenty years ago – and which version? Something is wrong. This should not happen. "

Benny Andersson (ABBA)


Therefore, there are still artists were selling, and selling their music is still real money.

Not much, but says you must be millions of them?

Maybe their sales figures are lower, but says that everyone on the planet should buy music?

This disappointment is only by the marketing heads of multinational record companies.

References to rate previous (especially in the seventies of last century) does not make me laugh.

In those days, people did not entertainment home, except music. VCRs did not exist or no computer games or game consoles. Not all the gadgets! Books and vinyl records were the only entertainment in our homes. This is the first explanation. Attention, today's customers are spread across all new media and the arts, while the disposable income remains more or less the same. Music receives less attention. The attitude has become more simple … in general. Music is become nothing more than money.

When it comes to energy, a good starting point with the conclusions of the said long ago:

"What we have good price, we appreciate the small"

Or not valued all.

This applies to music in the sense that the process has become too cheap and mechanical. Builders are now investing less of their own energy. However, listeners will feel this through a special significance and perfectly understand it.

'Beat' way

It is not a genre Music as environment. Many think it's a whole new musical genre that does not seem long. However, like the Beatles laid the groundwork for pop-songs with one of her Brit, has invented the hard rock of the seventies with a different song and all third contemporary psychedelic sex of its current environment, appeared on recordings by Pink Floyd with the psychedelic kind.

In those days, making music is extremely difficult and expensive. Synthesis began to appear and was out of the ark. There was no ready-to-use audio samples. To achieve the desired effect of guitar echo, a musician I had to descend into an empty swimming pool was not possible to do otherwise. So people had to be creative in a variety of ways.

Was manipulated the tape, cut into pieces, glued, or even created some extent for simple pleasure of making an impact. The great producer and sound engineer Alan Parsons was a store clock to save the clock strikes. And he was honest.

Honesty – is the word that best captures the way music is made at the time. Not cover the technology behind which could hide, and it is very evident in the music of the time.

And it remains valuable.

"Bit" way

Today, any teenager can instantly download from the Internet a lot of sounds fashionable, samples, loops and other "content", then launching a virtual studio on your laptop and assemble something with it.

Depending on whether noise is carried forward or back, the end product can be called simply … what you want!

However, it still does not make sense, whatever the variant.

Smart-looking teenager, of course, blows out his cheeks and start saying shit about the unique concept of their work, ideas you put into it, and the pain of creative activity.

Music critics while words function as "sects" (oh, I kill for that word!), "cultural layer" and provide analogies artists whose names are a mystery to everyone, but for the critics themselves.

But do not work.

The music that is easy to satisfy with Lego has no value. Musicians would not have believed that listeners do not care about normal. Here the problem is not computers, but rather on the freebie.

The result, obtained earlier by the great creative effort and mental energy of the author, is now achieved through a few clicks of the mouse randomly in random fields a software tool. And at first glance, in both cases (for background music) have the same set of sounds and noises. Some soundscape.

But I see the problem … In the first case, it looks like a masterpiece, even forty years after its creation, while the second solution seems cheap stuff that any idiot can do.

Maybe it's mental energy, emotions, and is transmitted by the result of creative activity as well?

I have only the most extreme example, but for all those who think that is easy to see everything in the rest of the product of contemporary music.

In any case, the explanation of a lower interest in worldwide catastrophic when it comes to electronic music. Making it became not only profitable, but also the prestige and not all subjects.

A particular case.

Every person I think from time to time a question arises as to how to deal with, personally, the consumption of music today, when the issue of copyright is literally hanging in the air?

On the one hand, I am sure that deep down, almost everyone understands that the work of good writers, composers and other creators of intellectual property must to some extent a cash payment.

Otherwise, production would be almost I think anyone who wants to reach.

On the other hand, when we begin to implement this issue ourselves, we realize pretty quickly that when we most any possibility not to pay for books, music and cinema (and indeed everything else) who are happy to use.

And no matter what the law says on this subject, because of the influence of law in our Internet activity is greatly exaggerated. Bet – that the defenders of copyright and other drivers invented further development of information technology the least influence of the law would become. In fact, it is rapidly approaching zero.

The people will not be able to fight more, especially the era of high technology.

It has been proven and tested a million times, but still someone does not understand – it is absolutely its own problem.

The moral problem, not much bothers me. I think people ever really free to be guided by the principles of morality public, replacing personal principles long ago.

Given the absolute subjectivity of such concepts as "good" and "bad" opinion the majority of the concepts that bother you less too.

"Morality please the weak, but falls within the fort." I agree in truth the same and only add to the strong in the new century are precisely those technologies gain. It is the most youth and intelligent, including, but not a group of managers who have an obvious problem with sending e-mail yesterday.

Therefore, different ways, just for me, I tried to define the way I consume music, while being in harmony with myself, what is important.

Previously, like most people who used to play digital panel. But one day made me realize the absolute stupidity of this activity.

And I found it very inefficient to develop my own musical development vision, which touches me deeply.

I note that 99% of the new music I downloaded, I heard once. And after he was dead or waste on my computer, or immediately removed. I wrote about the causes of this phenomenon in detail above, but now I want to face the consequences.

No need to think long to realize that I consume most of this music in radio mode, not a media center mode. This music has never been my iPod. I continued to upload, delete, upload, delete until I understood every sense of the process.

At this stage, all the music in the world were divided into two classes for me – the music is good enough for me then I'll listen to all my life and music, which this is "nothing" that deserves to be listened once briefly.

Since then, I stopped downloading anything either from the Internet.

All my favorite albums were bought long ago on CD and vinyl, and of course they were common in my iPod.

I've been listening to the radio almost completely.

For radio, and certainly not to say that mediocrity is presented in FM in Russia (and not only there). I talk real radio, the Internet gives me that thousands of stations across the world, the quality that is acceptable to the music once.

I quickly discovered some real practical advantages of this type of music you hear.

Unlike its prehistory "colleagues" on the FM stations, radio still true what they play now. This leads to a large number of musical discovery, which could only dream of before. We often find with real works of art that has never come to know visiting countless music sites, with millions of groups whose names do not tell me much.

And when I meet them, I have the opportunity explore the group's creativity and perhaps buy your CD. Or download …

But it depends on the degree of the album engineering and its ability to stay on a shelf next to the Queen: Night at the Opera "or" Air: Moon Safari ".

Industry Disc now has a unique opportunity to sell something to me, show me something I can fall in love. Love is all volunteer to buy and put on my shelf. I think that most have no other way.

From now on, only super-rarities is sold for money. Masterpieces that are impossible to pass. And if the music industry I offer this music or not, is its own problem.

But do not rule out another scenario, on the other hand, I think it would be ideal.

For businesses time stops near the registration income generation (and it will happen for sure), all music players just for the money left.

The few who remain will create spiritual music just because they have real needs here and beyond.

And, as always in these cases, everything is done with soul is so good that I would buy again.

It is never too much when it comes to real music …

Industry documents to the state who came, not as customers. Artists do not like. The recording industry wants only himself. And that's why energy passing is not up to it in any form.

I started this article with a quote from King Crimson, and after the last line of the last song of the last Beatles album.

This message has a strong meaning and the epitome of what the band means the world. It shows real people's attitude and creativity, and that is why this band recorded sold, and always will be.

If the record industry could apply these words to himself that a little, then you have a chance.

– And in the end the love you take

is love like you do (The Beatles).

/ Translation from Russian /

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