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50 fastest guitar players
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First electric guitar (intermediate level)?

I'm looking for intermediate electric guitar. When I wanted to play the guitar I wanted a first act, but I decided to get a sound, I now know the ropes and I am very fast I want an electric guitar, but I want one that sounds a little better than the first act. I have a certificate from Best Buy $ 200, so I want to shop there. I looked this guitar … http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8924943&type=product&id=1214004959362 I can also add a bit of money if you think it's worth getting a little nicer guitar, perhaps 50 to $ 75 more, but I prefer to stick within my $ 200 gift Cert. Is this good for a new guitarist now guitar myself a beginner, intermediate, intermediate guitar but do not want a beginner.

First Act guitars have a terrible reputation, so never seen one in a real music store like Guitar Center or Sam Ash. You'd be better off with the gift certificate Best Buy to something else and go to a music store to buy a better guitar.

50 fastest guitar players