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play guitar hero 3 online game free
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Problem with Xbox Live account. Desperately need help?

Hello. I had no problems with the Xbox Live more a year. Now, as I'm 16 and I have no credit card, I used my father to buy a subscription. My card Credit was canceled dads, and every time I turn on my Xbox, it has so there was a problem with your account, and I can not use even as a member of money. Now all this happened about a month. A month later after the purchase of Guitar Hero 3, I one thing the 48 hours free code. When I click on connect to Xbox Live, there is no word yet on the problems the bill is about, when I clicks on Xbox Live, nothing happens. Therefore, I came here to find out is there a way to get my account / gamertag again, although the use of money. I need it again I did not my player points and the name of the gamertag at the top, and it's really annoying not being able play games online. Thank you for helping us.

can buy a prepaid card at your local store for Xbox Live spread because I think $ 8 $ 50 good luck

play guitar hero 3 online game free