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Is anyone else tired of people who bash people for playing Guitar Hero instead of a "real instrument"?

I play guitar and bass guitar and playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Recently on this site, news, and many forums, I see many people with a big number of comments on Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Most of them are "Leave the plastic guitar and get a real" or "I play a real guitar, not a songwriter. "Personally, I think Guitar Hero is one of the best games in history (Rock Band is good too, but not so funny), and although certainly not a real guitar, it is always fun. You never heard people knocking on the players to play Madden, skaters or scream people to play Tony Hawk. What makes Guitar Hero differently?

I agree with you 100%! I suppose these critics of Guitar Hero does not go that it is a game! I have yet to meet the demand of everyone to be a guitar player because they have learned in Guitar Hero. My youngest son turned 15 this weekend, and it is amazing at Guitar Hero. I can not play on the easiest level, but apparently I'm much entertainment for my son and his friends. Anyway, I prayed for the last year to get a "real" electric guitar, because it expressed a sincere interest in him. Yes, I'm down $ 200 on a basic configuration for it until I know will stay with her. I can guarantee, even learn to play guitar, while continuing to play Guitar Hero and Rock Band once I get to him. One has absolutely nothing to do with each other. Perhaps the "real" guitarists who want to beat the other needs a ride in the video game is simple. Do not think be as large as it is assumed he will.

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