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learn guitar for dummies
Guitar for dummies

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I’m thinking about learning to play guitar and I have a few questions before I make my decision for good…..

1 – Can you play without knowing how to read music?
2 – what is easier to learn? Acoustic or electric?
3 – Is it possible to learn with a book like learning guitar fo dummies or something like it?
4 – How long will it take to teach myself with a how-to book?

thanks in advance for any help

yes you can learn without knowing how to read music. there are books with diagrams to show you where to put you fingers to make chords.

i’d start with acoustic. haven’t gotten into electric.

sure there are guitar books for beginners.

you can fumble through the chords and learn a song in one sitting. there’s lots of songs based on 3 or 4 chords.

do it! you’ll enjoy for years to come.

learn guitar for dummies

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