Play Guitar New Slang The Shins

play guitar new slang the shins
The Shins – New Slang (high quality + lyrics)

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Tracklisting acoustic set ?!?!?

Hey, I'll try to set up a set list of songs-10 for a concert that I can play and sing myself with an acoustic guitar. Since I have a few songs, but I need more ideas in this vain 182S Blink I miss you (acoustic style) a walk through Hell (Say Anything) I know your plans (eg, accident nothing on me (Dave Matthews Band) New Slang (The Shins) Foo Fighters knife help me complete this list. I could change some of these stars for best. and welcome the crowd singing along and be better. SONGS not artists.

An Deiner Seiter (Ich Bein Da) / By Your Side Thunder (Tokio Hotel) (Boys Like Girls) The working class hero (Green Day) Good Riddence (Time of Your Life) (Green Day) Screaming Infidelities (Dashboard Confessional) All Hail the Heartbreaker (The Spill Canvas) See other songs from Dashboard Confessional and The Spill Canvas.

play guitar new slang the shins

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