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ultimate guitar learn guitar
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I want to learn to play guitar … again?

Well I got my first guitar 5 years ago, but I lost contact … I find difficult to be committed to what I can do at any time if you know what that means they must remain committed to play the guitar … I have a few questions — I do not understand the labels read about it and still can not, for example, how can I play http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/d/dire_straits/sultans_of_swing_tab.htm And this I must remember simple things like chord names and forms and how to memorize picing fingers and scratching? For different types of music to learn more without touching the fingers of the wing. And another thing you need to know. Thank you for your answers in advance. I really want to follow this

Here is actually pretty simple, just look really complicated the way it is written. The tabs 6 lines each representing a guitar string, and is the first string, that string is also smaller and, B is the second top is a little more wholesale and below, and so on. The strings are upside down and, B, G, E, remember this use: the Easter Bunny gets drunk After Easter The numbers on the lines indicate which fret to play in a bowl each portion of the guitar neck, divided by lines of metal. Some guitars vary on the number of course they have, thus, for example, 1 in the first line to be the first section of chain-mail. Frets starts from 1 and 0 when is written on a card that means play that string open. Play the open string means to play with nothing on top. If X is written to a file, it means you play the closed chain, play a closed string is done by touching the string at any cargo, but not to push down all the way to do this, chain makes a loud noise to complement the other channels are playing. Many of the symbols and these things are in tabs for tremolo and as such, but you do not have to worry about all this, however, when it does, legends cloud are usually written in the more complicated tags to help you understand what all the symbols of the additional average. Now, for the strings, you must memorize more important, as all major chords and like most minor chords Am, Em, Dm, and all that. Once you begin to learn the chords, his hands finally remember themselves, this is called muscle memory. Many professional guitarists on the other side can not even remember the chords, but still with a library of agreements or a book to watch. This is a must for ALL guitarists. The agreements are actually quite easy to remember because all the songs start to use many of them several times even if you forget the name of the rope, which is hands yet know the position of the rope. To recover your fingers, it is better to start doing instead Strum, if you know where all the channels without seeing them. finger picking is also used for songs that involve plucking. Pluck is just a pull on the strings without affecting the whole chain of them. Once you get the finger picking down, then you can start scratch. Strum is more important for all these songs without plucking sturmming and creates a strong sound harder than it would be better for concerts and others. Wow, I am left lol win. Well a couple of things: barre chords – Agreements involving the use of your index finger flat 6.2-strings, very upset to learn, but once they learn of new opportunities for new songs because the agreements bar are used around the neck. Capo – small plastic tool that fits around the neck by pressing strings against a certain ruin. Illuminate lords need bar chords, but still good to learn before using strikethrough a capo. Capos can cost about $ 15 – $ 30, but some can scratch the finish (paint) to be careful what you buy. Dialer – A dialer is a MUST! Little matter how good you are or how you are, if the guitar is completely false, you can also drop because it will sound like crap. Tuners cost about $ 20 – $ 50 at the end, but as you improve, your ears will recognize how to tune a guitar sounds like it will be able to adapt once Train your ears. Do not worry about this yet, because it comes naturally as you read and hear you play. Tearing – Hint: Strum Your selections at an angle of 45 degrees or something, but not upward at an angle of 90 degrees, because it is more likely to damage the ropes in the air. Only with an angle 90 degrees if you use a selection to choose individual channels. Sight reading – Ability to read and listen to music without looking at his guitar. Music Playback – Not entirely necessary but it helps a great guitar player since I'm playing the music more clearly than the tabs, because it shows the calendar while the tabs to force you to understand the time and scrape the model for yourself. New guitar – A guitar is as good as the person behind it, when you think you can get a new guitar, make sure quality is not just a low price. Music Theory – Over time as you go songs of his own music theory study of writing songs and taking lessons in music theory can help you write your own songs. Learning other instruments such as bass, drums, piano, etc. can help you develop your knowledge of theory music. Other musicians – Play with other musicians can benefit both, just make sure that your game in the same key. Once you play with another musician, you will be able to help each other and realize how sounds good guitar riffs with others and not vice versa, with the other person. Oh and one last thing, better acoustics for learning throughout the fingers.

ultimate guitar learn guitar