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play guitar hero online game free

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Rock Band 2 need friend codes?

I have the Guitar Hero World Tour package for Christmas, and have money to spare, and think to obtain independent rock band 2 games for the Wii. Two issues, however, said that its Xbox 360 and PS3 both get 20 free DLC after the opening store or w / e, is wii getting 20 free songs, too? second question, Rock Band 2 to play online battles or anything, do you need other peoples friend codes? You go around the world …. Guitar Hero So I do not see why it would be for the rock group 2, but do not know. haha. Thank you in advance!

then u can get more songs, just not sure how lol, but u do not need friend codes to play online u can play with a random person online Urself or want yu can also play the Battle of the Bands if you are at least two instruments and two players. It's fun believe me. and we hope to help.

play guitar hero online game free

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