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Where to start learning guitar tabs?

Okay … Well … I played for about a month, but the theory learning of music (notes). I do not like … I prefer the form at the moment, where I can go to learn tab. Could I have easy songs, etc.? I'm not that great but I am eager to improve, music is my obsession … I also know a few chords, E, G-7, C Am and I can play Fur Elise (or almost), but I want to start learning tab, it seems easy enough. Could I have a solid base where to start and how and where on startup tab. What started first by rope, etc. Thank you. I always wanted to play guitar fun enough, but I know he will not good immediately, it will take years to "master" as I put it. Thank you:) PS I am not rich enough to pay for guitar lessons, but I determined to improve myself. Could I have some songs easier and a few sheets of agreements, etc., and tips and tricks. Thank you! I am also in the metal if that helps, and rock.

Although the information is easier the vast majority of music is written, not no notation tab. You can always learn to play by ear. It is not easy, but once you get the hang of it, Music capacity is invaluable. It is also a great way to find completely dark music is not written, and correct errors in writing.

play guitar instantly

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