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I am able to get low, but I play lead guitar, which is a good choice for me to choose?

Hello, I'm going up and learn to play guitar and I can get a guitar, but the only problem is that few and I was wondering if I could play the guitar leading into a hollow if not, is a good idea to take on bass, but I want to lead.

Bass and a real guitar are two completely different animals. Not necessarily that low is much lower, but that can not play down the same way that playing the guitar. If you are planning a "guitar" so fast, strong shredding, like what you hear Slash from Guns N Roses Old Make tracks, you'll be disappointed. The bass is simply not designed to make the chains are too fat and require a lot of strength to play. Does not mean you can not play fast and "surprising", but not only in the same manner as the guitar supplies. – I can use to play bass guitar lead? The bass can be used as a lead instrument, yes. For example, listen to modern and Hard Rock today. Rage Against the Machine, for example, using the bass as main instrument in coordination with the guitar. Progressive Rock also low bandwidth available (see Rush or Dream Theater). – Is this a good idea to take on the bottom if I want to do with lead? Depends, is someone who gives the bass, so I'll play in a band? Or just give you weak to be beautiful? If it is a gift without conditions, I'll take it. When you get to write songs and record demos for a group is good to have all the tools and not have to rely on computer programs MIDI good market to fill the fabric. One last note – the bass is almost always a rhythm instrument. Could play solos of all time to time, but rarely is the "main" instrument. Try something new, though – that's what music is all about.

play guitar better for free