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online guitar course reviews
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Creating ad groups in Adwords campaign?

I was wondering about Google Adwords, If anyone has any advice? I review Course as Jamaram guitar, guitar teacher, Secrets of the guitar and some others. If you put a tag as video instruction or guitar during initiation Online guitar. The establishment of a ADGROUP each. "The keyword must be defined in this notice? Guitar lessons for beginners is online must be in their own AD? I put the ad group in a beginner guitar courses online using keywords beginner guitar lessons online "Guitar lessons for beginners online" and [beginner guitar lessons online] and create an ad group. Or is better to have a large number of keywords an ad group. That's what I do not know? and the number of ad groups with keywords. If anyone can give me an example. I would be grateful. If anyone has any advice on setting ADGROUP Google Adwords campaigns, I would appreciate your help! Thank you, Ray

"If anyone has any advice?" This is a complex and deep, before activating the countryside, you must be ** ** very sure of what you spend your money. If you do not know, pay someone, you save lots of money in the long term. After Having reviewed the AdWords Campaign Settings amateur results have given more than $ 15/day (+ – $ 300 per month) campaign that uses more than $ 75 per day (+ -. 2200/mo) This is the road, "Guitar Review I am … If you put a keyword such as video guitar beginner guitar lessons online education. "This is good" keywords start, but be sure to use the word essential tool for the suggestions. The cost per click up or down in Depending on the "quality" of the keyword: Keyword specific you are cheaper than "broad" keywords. For example, "guitar" is almost as wide as it is, "guitar video instruction" specific. Do not forget to include the guitar instructional DVD, learn the guitar, etc.. . "Either you have lots of keywords for ADGROUP" No. You must pass the test. At this point, you do not know what works, right? So He created ads with 10-20 combinations of keywords (maximum, I use 5-8) and assign a group. Choose the keywords are so similar, for example, the processing of video guitar guitar guitar instruction manual DVD (maybe) ….. etc.. focusing on the guitar and teaching) In this group, maybe 60-10 to create ads. Run the water, know who and what not to do. Find out why artists do the Ads get sick, to create variations of interpreters. Now, create groups to learn the guitar, other terms, and remember "Instruction guitar feedback," which is really the issue. Starts all groups. Searching for a month a full month. A pause in the fall of the groups that do not work not. Pause / delete ads that are not realized. Find out what and why. "Is the beginner guitar lessons online should be in AD? "* * Not directly, and is one of the most important things about AdWords, the text of the announcement itself is a call to action. You develop a force the visitor clicks on the ad. Keywords are assigned to the group responsible for the placement of ads. By "non-directly" I mean that, in itself, a search term means that someone looking for this thing. So, your ad must be something * * keywords, but words do not have to be in the ad. Some other quick bits: – Keyword comparison: Your "objective" must be between .03-/.15 per click If you found "no less active / 0.80" for a given keyword, competition in the long term is too wide or too high. Real estate, for example, can be up to $ 20 per click. So do not just go forward a payment of 0.80 per click, because * I * is a keyword important to be sure. Enter the text Google. Do you see competitors' sites? It is pertinent then. Is it worth the 0.80 for you? Maybe not – if you can bring in other conversions keywords, which may be from 0.80 to other keywords cheaper, more for your money. – Conversion: A conversion is a click on an advertisement that transforms a sale or contact. That's why you pay for AdWords. Make sure you configure the scan at the same time, so you know what happens, but the final result: no matter the amount of traffic generated on your site. If it does not convert to sales, it's a waste of money. Give him three months, no conversion is not working for you. – Keep out of the content network. The content network is where people have ads their websites, and is buried in the abuse (come to my site and click on the ads, I'm making money.) Despite this violence is treated harshly Google, many people get away with it. Either set your content bid at 0.01 to the content network, or turning it off completely (not what is expected is that the account settings.)

online guitar course reviews