Steel Guitar Player Wanted

steel guitar player wanted
Fugitive Watch 1/30/2011 – “Stolen Steel Guitar”

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What kind of guitar strings that I receive?

I love playing the blues, I have a steel guitar and my everything. My strings become too worn and Im wondering what I should get. I know I'll get the steel, but as Ernie Ball – Super Slinky? or something? I want a little because I know ERNIE BALL make guitar strings impressive, but what you have a suggestion for a blues musician?

I prefer Addario me – I did not been disappointed. That said, there is much difference between brands. As others have rightly said, is more about the preferences personal and find the right indicator (thickness). You say you have a steel – do you mean slides? If you play slide, you need something heavier than 009 (Super Slinky). A set of 010 to 046 would probably be minimal. It is also likely to increase the action on your guitar a bit if you get the most from the blues slide guitar. In all cases the heavy chains and no action is too low – ". Ways of doing things blues" that is often the Stevie Ray Vaughan used something like 013 and watch a half-step (as J. Hendrix). Massive tune!

steel guitar player wanted

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