How To Play Guitar Tremolo

how to play guitar tremolo
How to Play Heavy Metal Guitar : Using the Tremolo Arm or Whammy Bar in Metal Guitar

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I need help configuring my Floyd Rose tremolo system on my guitar?

I just bought a esp alexi 600 blacky and is a beautiful piece of equipment. The I need help with things, however, are the following: 1) How to adapt the system with all these things locking nut? 2) Do I need heavier gauge strings? 3) Do I remove a source of new game coz of heavy metal and I love you always dive bombs? All advice / help given is appreciated! Thank you!

1) The best thing would be to find a guide step by step in line to adjust if your first time. A quick search: The is not as simple as a normal guitar, as you guessed it! When I got my Alexi-600 (yellow and black) took the hair for about 4 hours haha. Just trying to find a good guide, pictures help, but not really necessary. 2) Normally, if you play in the fall of pitch is recommended playing with heavy chains, personally I like Ernie Ball Slinky hybrid, and sometimes I use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy substance Alexi. Try different sizes and see which ones get along better with) the thicker strings which give a deeper sound crisp, bright heavy palm mute. 3) Absolutely not, it the brilliance of Pink Floyd, who did not need to change anything! If you remove a spring to lose all the tension of the strings / bridge. Only the practice of fasting harmonious and amortization, smooth bar; D Hope this helps a little ^ ^

how to play guitar tremolo