Learn How To Play Guitar For Kids

learn how to play guitar for kids
The Banks of Ohio – learn how to play very easy acoustic guitar songs for beginners, lesson & tab

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I am a 25 year pharmacy student. Am I too old to learn to play guitar?

I always had a musical ear, but never play an instrument when younger. (I focused mainly in athletics and school.) I music and want to learn to play guitar. I know I'll learn fast. People tell me it is difficult to learn, but most say that it's very easy. I thought that if a child under 6 years old can learn, I can so I do not care if I can not be famous, but I like to be a studio musician on the side pharmacist. What do you think?

No, they are too old. The challenge (of experience) is knowledge of the front, and keep nails short. Perhaps better with lessons in personal (instead group) if you can already read music. Group I found boring, I was paired with 8 years! My nails grow fast, so I had to cut three times a week to hit the strings right. I am also the commitment of the School of Pharmacy – you need some fun. Pour bien faire, vous avez besoin pour pratiquer 2-3 times per week minimum. YOU CAN DO IT.

learn how to play guitar for kids