How To Play Bass

how to play bass
how to play bass for beginners – under pressure

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How to play bass and I can get good sound?

Me and my friends are thinking about starting small emotional / metal / hardcore a and now I play the keyboard and took lessons for a year, but for the band I play bass for the group. I can play a little guitar but I'm not sure how to play bass. If you have any advice please tell me. I'll probably have a guitar in the middle, but I need to know if they have stores low flights that sound good and please do not shop online.

For i musical style is BC Rich, Schecter, Epiphone, and Traben. All these companies are fairly small with a dark tone to a relatively cheap price. If you can play guitar something that should not have many problems with the bass. Under generally consists of individual notes in the guitars often play many notes or chords. Also try to play bass with a pick are familiar with the guitar and also has a distinct tone claw that can not or will not. By learning everything he did with the guitar. Go find scales and learn and experiment with what sounds good. See also some of the gear of their favorite bands are using and some their techniques. You probably will not be able to get what they have, but perhaps the company uses a fictitious company that manufactures a similar product, such as Gibson Epiphone is a shell. Obviously, you will not be able to play as people see the bands, but if you use a pick or fingers. Also beware of the covers of different songs to get an idea of what is required of you. PS: more HU proudly wear the mask

how to play bass