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play guitar modes
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"I can play in normal mode in Rock Band 3 with guitar pro or I get the Classic Rock Band 2 guitar?

I do not play music and you do not have the instruments. I get insurance guitar pro. but if I download songs, this is not comparable to professional mode. "I can still play the same guitar, or should buy the classic rock band / guitar for Guitar Hero?

Well, it depends, if you buy Guitar Pro Mustang (a lot of buttons and strumming the strings) then yes you can use a normal mode in Rock Band 3. However, if you talk about the Squier Guitar Pro (True guitar chords real, all real), then it can not be normal play in Rock Band 3 with him. Even if you're talking about the Mustang, I recommend buy a classical guitar and GH RB if you plan to play in normal mode

play guitar modes