Blues Guitar Play Along Songs

blues guitar play along songs
Blues #6 Great rhythm play along for writing your own songs

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How to improve the guitar?

I play for about four years and I think I learned almost nothing. I can play a song I've done recording your personal label. But I can not learn other songs. I try to learn songs from books, but no matter how much practice can not improve. Whenever I get stuck on the establishment in 99% of the songs I try to play. I can play scales and exercises well, but not songs. I try to learn easy intro semi-old songs (I like rockabilly, 1950 music, etc.), but eventually merge into one or two simple notes. It's annoying to get all the intro / solo good, except for a couple of notes. Why is it? It does not allow the music I love is virtually nonexistent in the form of scores. So how I can improve on this style of music? Should I learn jazz? Blues? or follow a method book? Does anyone know where I can find rockabilly music? Rockabilly Guitar Bible I have.

If you played for 4 years and can not play much, something is wrong. Something that does not seem to be able to identify, and that's something which can be diagnosed on the Internet. His only real option now is to get a good guitar teacher. They sit with you the week after week, measure your progress, analyze your playing style and learning style, and discover the best ways to help progress.

blues guitar play along songs