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easier to learn guitar or keyboard
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Should I play the piano or guitar?

I am very confused. I have $ 300 from my mother for Christmas and I want to get a guitar eather sound or a keyboard), piano (. I could play the guitar when I was 11 … but I forgot how to play and I just finished the piano class of the year last in the 10 th year. But I do not know which one I should buy. I love music and I hope you can buy both. I really want learn to play guitar, but then I really want to play the piano. But here's my question guys: – Is it easier to learn the guitar Only with videos teaching? – What do you think is better? Playing piano or guitar? AHHH I'm so confused! Not even know why I ask you that! Here's how I do not understand! lol the third answer. Most of the guitars and pianos that are $ 100 break easily. Those who want are about $ 250 are perfect.

Listen to your heart, "he said. I think the guitar is cheaper than the piano. Maybe u can buy the first guitar. Or, if you stay with the piano or ur just bought the keyboard. (Piano U is finished, right? Means U're better on the piano for the guitar.) Y, u can wait until what the mother gives him money to u next time ur. What do you like most? Piano or guitar. Ask Urself. Just play them both. Then see. If u enjoy playing the piano or guitar? educational films are a good way to learn. But, sometimes, or not be erased from her. Just try to find many guides and videos to learn how to combine it with heart. (Capacity Partido heart. When or 11, if the ability or learned?) Oh, can u share ur skills on the piano with a child who wants to learn. Therefore, u can get more profit. (U can start ur cousins, perhaps. Make sure u can teach well. I'll trust in u). And after that u get ur guitar immediately. Then u can start learning these things. Step by Step. Nothing can be immediate. Be patient and do good works. Do not be selfish. Think. U can ask ur Mom, what is best. (Or perhaps, after listened to ur question ur mother, giving more money .. u ^ ^ Just kidding.) Haha. I hope you can get ur face. ^ ^

easier to learn guitar or keyboard