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How long does it take to properly learn the basics and the intermediate material on the electric guitar?

I just my inbanez first guitar, there were about a month, but have difficulty learning, I'm learning quickly in most things and a drummer with success. I can not play with a pick without trying to scrape the strings, so string i wrong, all I can watch online videos to help learn the basics or intermediaries? I read some not all tabs and free instant messaging for 4 months and I'm happy to play for hours a day, I realize all pick up different objects, people thank you in advance.

From what you write seems to want to learn for himself, that is, Of course, one way to do it, but I think it will be easier if you take classes, including learning the proper technique. I learned the basics bass in about 6 months, I think, but my friend gave me lessons per week (Kind of cheap, lucky me.) My advice is to find someone who will teach the basics of music and other things (reading scores, etc.), then it is really ready to explore more about your own effectiveness.

learn guitar fast for free