Guitar Instruction Book

guitar instruction book
“das liedli da” from Polo Hofer’s Guitar Instruction Book 1981

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This is the technique of classical guitar to learn a good basis for jazz?

I am a beginner. I bought an instruction book jazz guitar. I practice arpeggios and just copy a few chords without knowing what notes I play most of the time I'm totally confused. not really where I started. I'm looking to buy a classical guitar instruction book. serve as the best way to learn a little jazz? by the way I used to play the violin a little. everything is reproduced on a scale and the fingerings are fixed, not the guitar that is everywhere. violin was easier to remember that the note that I'm pressing, because there are rules about how the press releases. like when you press a finger, which is supposed press your index finger, middle finger, ring finger. So I thought maybe for the first time must learn to make myself known classical pieces for guitar as an instrument. do it for a year then maybe learn jazz theory and techniques. Any advice is welcome. thank you.

First, before learning style (classical, jazz, blues, etc) should learn the basics. I was in the same dilemma two years ago. What I did was to learn all my notes. I memorized every note played and every scale. Learn so if you want to play at a high level G, we can see where staff would be written on and know exactly where on the fretboard. Then I found my notes. I learned the chords. It takes time. What worked best for me was to learn an agreement a week. (I like to learn major, minor, augmented, diminished, and 7 of the string), then next week I would like to review the agreements already learned, and go to learn new ones. Now the original question, learning classic jazz before. "My opinion is that reading a classic style certainly contributes to the learning style jazz. The music has influences of Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, etc. If you are embedded in the back of his mind, in my opinion, combined with the way we listen to music and how you feel the music and, eventually, help create the unique sound that is you. Remember, the fundamentals are everything! Good luck in learning!

guitar instruction book