Play Guitar Barre Chords

play guitar barre chords
Guitar Lesson – bar chord changing exercises

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is acceptable to play some chords (Fm, Gm, etc.) as barre chords on the guitar?

I do not know if even this text correctly. of Anyway, it is normal to play an F chord, on the first fret with one finger? Usually when I see people play an F to use your thumb on the top rope, and meet the other strings with the fingers. I know it's probably best suited to play that way, but playing chords, because it is very difficult for me because my hands are so small. Can anyone give me advice?

Not only acceptable, it is more correct. Some people use thumb because he never bothered learning in law. Some use the thumb to get chord voicings that would not otherwise get. This is not necessarily cleaner at the thumb, classical, rock, jazz, guitar players have been struck with enough time for a along without any problems. I rarely do it with your thumb, because you really have to change hand position, rather than changing hands around the neck, the most short range and the finger that slows you down.

play guitar barre chords

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