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learn guitar hard
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after playing piano for 9 years, it would be difficult to learn the guitar?

I played the piano for 9 years from 9, and let me know if it would be difficult or easy to learn to play guitar. I wanted a little long, but never seriously. but now that time. any ideas?

It is much easier. Dude trust me I played the piano for 13 years from now and I started with the acoustic guitar and then went to the electric guitar from the last 2 years. I found the guitar very easy to play. In fact, believe or not I find easier to play guitar piano instead of a bunch of times. I found that the guitar has more freedom to play, especially for rock, and you you really need to be fully structured guitar, unlike the piano. In addition, if you know a lot of the most used and all scales, chords and blues scales and then it's a thumb for you, because it only makes it easier for you to play the guitar. The only thing I found was a bit difficult to get used to the guitar, but even if you can not play the piano is always a bit difficult. Another thing incredible is that you can use the piano as a tool to help you play the guitar, she wonders for me, certainly. First, he suggests learning to play the guitar and read maps agree (see sheet music for guitar in particular, but can also be used for Paino too) Practice, practice, and practice like nothing else until it becomes second nature to you and on the way to pick the leaves of some of their songs favorite artists and play with or without playing the song on your iPod or CD, so you learn what kind of style of music wanted to play that suits your personality and your mood and develop an ear for it, whether rock, blues, or whatever. Another thing to consider is that the guitar plays more with intuition and emotion rather than piano. It's a great idea that I did locate the sheet-song "Right Now "by Van Halen and get the song and listen and try to play the piano and guitar (of course separately, you can save the piano and electric guitar in a guitar case power is what is geting …)

learn guitar hard