Learn To Play Guitar Basic Chords

learn to play guitar basic chords
How to Play Guitar: Beginners / Open Chords: A Major

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Try to learn some basic guitar chords?

I had an acoustic guitar for a little over a year but never really tried to learn to play. I'm going to college in the fall and that learning the guitar and would be a good way to pass time. I the first step down, which is consistent, and now I want to learn basic chords so you can learn some country songs. What agreements the base of the guitar, and there is a site to show me where to put your fingers? I looked through some sites, but most of them have pictures that are small and I do not understand. I watched a bit on YouTube, but not sure who should be taught guitar at the existence of what I seen. Thank you in advance. Oh, and preferablly a book. Ja, ja.

Try threechordguitar.com

learn to play guitar basic chords