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Learn to play acoustic guitar in under 14 days? Guitar expert advice needed?

Is it possible to learn acoustic guitar in 14 days. I want to learn one song mastered in 14 days or less. I intend to learn in two weeks or less, and Valentine's Day approaches and I'll sing to a girl named Daisy, a close friend of the spirit of songs by Plain White T's is "Hey There Delilah "because I have no money in it time to give a bouquet of flowers or a date. I promised that I will learn to play guitar just for her. It is OK to learn the song? There are many tutorials on youtube on how to learn guitar with this song. Can you learn it in 14 days or less? or maybe gave me a unique piece, but not that old sweet that can be played with a guitar and learn easily in less than 14 days? Thank you very much for your help and please do not make jokes or answers dumbless Because I really need your help. Have a good day !!!!!!

It is possible, just stick the nose is routine. Hey There Delilah is the fingertip, so it would work in the first, most people do is to put hand on the strings, and use your thumb for the E (top string) index to a string (second down) for the major D (third string to the low speed) G ring (fourth string down) and little finger for the B and E (the last two channels) You attack again 'next would be to find the rope is used in the song, and practice stirred, and switch between them. If you are dedicated you can learn this song in two weeks does not seem so hard, (I never watched the tabs for that), but it seems as if there were only 3 or 4 strings. Good luck!

learn to play guitar tutorials