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Do I have Arthritis at 33?

joint of my middle finger on my right hand was getting more and more tender during the two months. There is also a bit swollen and red and is very sensitive to cold. You can see the difference compared to other joints. This may sound silly, but after a long night Guitar Hero, which is bad and never improved. Is it possible that I'm getting arthritis at 33? I GH not played in about a month. Is what I can do for arthritis (surgery) or just one of those things you must learn to live with?

It something I learned. There are several ways Arth, and other disorders they mimic. Try soaking in warm Epsom salt water 15 minutes. Take Omega-3 fish oil. Take ibuprofen for inflammation and pain. Since this is an articulation aid often can never be normal. An X-ray can tell if it Arth. I only heard of hip surgery and knee.

live and learn guitar hero