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acoustic guitars ibanez
Review of the Ibanez AEF37E Electro-Acoustic Guitar

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Ibanez acoustic guitar what should I get?

This is my first guitar ever. My mother told me that I can get one that is $ 200 – $ 300. Help?

Good choice going with Ibanez! Ibáñez I have five instruments (two acoustic, electric and bass at a time) and quality and sound are better than instruments costing twice as much. The guitars are very personal and each has its own "feel". I recommend you visit or Another Guitar Center music store and try a bunch of them before making your decision. The width of the fretboard is very variable, and you probably want a thin neck for his first guitar from the neck is thinner than the channels easier to fret and move quickly between strings. Guitars Ibanez tend to be fairly thin neck, but some models are certainly easier to use than others. If you're still a child or having very small hands, size does not preclude a guitar 3 / 4. Ibanez Daytripper is a model called a little smaller than the size guitar plays beautifully and looks very nice. Normally play an Ibanez size acoustic / electric, but has a Daytripper take with me when I travel. It is a great player, I picked it up almost every day. And my brother, who owns a recording studio, liked both of mine bought one for use in their study. I am sure you are completely satisfied with the model you choose. But if you try many of them before deciding, I'm sure you find some more natural feel in the hands of others. Trust your instincts. If you want to do research, go to the website of musician friends ( If you click on the guitars and Ibanez acoustic, you can view all current models are reading the reviews written by customers. Comments customers are a great resource for me I am narrowing my choices. Good luck!

acoustic guitars ibanez

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