Learn Guitar Without Reading Music

learn guitar without reading music
how to learn rhythm guitar (How to Read Music for Rhythm Guitar)

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No musical talent, I'm learning guitar, bass, drums or keyboard?

I'm 19, single and musical experience that I had dealt with keyboards as they grow. Could coincide with the melodies of video games based on the keyboard jst outside my memory and my ear for sound. Never taken over once and for all, have a class during the school band or something like that. What I like the keyboard is that it can play songs they know, without having to read music, and he was always listening. In addition, all options to change what it may seem, bodies of guitars Sci-Fi sounds. But I want to take lessons. Preferably, I would start with something easy. I do not think I'm very coordinated (Yet), and do not know if I have a real chance, but I really wish I could play either guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or a new hobby. I heard the bass is easier than guitar, as only 4 strings instead of 6. Battery … I can create a cool beat with only my hands, but with sticks, not so much. What?

It is very dependent on you, man. Everyone will have lots of practice and work hard to get something good. The keyboard is in fact, a piano, and most people who enter the piano lessons first. Some call it the mother of all instruments, and can play any what grade, and once you know the piano, it is easy to learn other instruments. Batteries require stamina, and must be both hands and feet to do things differently in the same time, if you are not coordinated, could be prudent. Bass is not necessarily easy, depending on the type of music would play in it. If it is something more fundamental that does not move fast fingers and transitions of agreements, then yes, I suppose it is easier than guitar. But the two are essentially one and the same. If you learn the guitar is quite easy to become familiar with the low. However, the conclusion is that everyone will take time, practice specialty, and work very hard to learn. I would say, enjoy your favorite music, and see that the sound you prefer. If you think the guitar sounds cooler, why not try to learn from this? Or if you want bass lines, try first, and so on. Everyone is different, so it is difficult to determine what is easier to play. Only a test.

learn guitar without reading music