Learn To Play Guitar Guitar Lessons

learn to play guitar guitar lessons

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I always wanted to learn to play guitar?

I'm 16 and I always wanted to learn to play guitar. I already taken piano lessons when I was 13 years, quit (Piano is not my cup of tea), and I think you might want try taking guitar lessons. How difficult is it to start learning guitar compared to other instruments if you have a teacher? I played saxophone in the fifth through eighth grade again for the school band, but has never been greater to him. Thank you!

Looks like you have an ear for music and to chase your dreams … I did not start playing guitar until he was 32 years .. play by ear … can not read music. He also learned to play the mandolin-2 years (with the help of the Lord – because I play for him – gospel music) and I am 57 !!!!!!!!!!! so go ahead and take their lessons … Fingers will be a little sore at first, but "may" do. and by the way – I had no experience .. so you know it was sent from God! May God bless you

learn to play guitar guitar lessons