I Want To Learn Guitar For Free

i want to learn guitar for free
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Best source of learning the guitar online for free if possible (10 points)?

Okay, my hands on both acoustic and electric guitars and I'm ready to practice for hours. In a sense, I would like to surprise, so I need the best source for education and tutoring online instead of hiring a teacher, and free would be nice, but I guess I have no objection payable. I tried to create websites and I am aware that YouTube would be great, but I want advice from you. If you please help me, the person with the best source is the best answer! Thank you.

Plenty www.justinguitar.com YouTube video and text online and image. Justin has a lot of information and free lessons. It is good for beginners and Epecially doesn toll. It asks people to Dontate who can afford it, but if you have the means, do not worry, it's always a good starting point, and even learn everything you need to know as a beginner.

i want to learn guitar for free