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play guitar montreal
Stanley Jordan – Montreal Jazz Festival

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How to sell my Fender Stratocaster (made in Mexico)?

I bought the guitar for 6 more years, about $ 750 Canadian. I was a teenager, and almost did not play (eg, about 2 times a month, because sometimes id play both days, and sometimes I wouldnt touch it for 4 months) but in good condition. I sell on this site here: Do you think 380 is too cheap? I tried to sell for 450 and 400, but has yet to find anyone who was interested (only hagglers who wanted to pay much less). Now, $ 380, is only $ 20 less than $ 400, I have 2 people who are interested and want desperately to sell my guitar for now ……. That do you think? Only people who know guitars please.

MIM Strats sell used all day in the States where Craigslist Pawn for USD 300 million, which translates into $ 306 CAD. Perhaps the market there is a little thinner, but if you're here, there is no way that you get everything what you want, and take at least several weeks to sell even at $ 300 USD. So if you have two people who are extremely interested in CAD $ 380, then it is best to do it before, who knew running.

play guitar montreal