The Complete Guitar Player Book 1

the complete guitar player book 1
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Was this a good deal for a first guitar?

I bought my first guitar today courtesy of Craigslist. I begin to learn what was on a budget. For $ 130, I: – Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar (Condition 9 / 10) – guitar case with handle and straps padded backpack – The Complete Guitar Player Songbook – Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book with CD – Fender automatic tuner – 2 sets of strings Martin Marquis folk guitar – strings Super Sensitive London classical guitar – Fender Was 9 shows a lot for $ 130? I thought it was more than just make, I know I a good deal. ps I live in Canada the guitars are much more expensive again, having to account nyrox.

You have a pending agreement on the package. Again, the F310 has a retail price of about 249 U.S. dollars. The selling price of these new was 169 to 179, and included in the package extra. (No as far as what you bought.) Heed disregard a previous answer that aspires Yamaha. First, their acoustic guitars tend to being quite rich and full, and not easy to play. Second, Yamaha is a diversified company that makes high-end keyboards, guitars, mixers, sound modules, multi-effects devices, etc.. You get the picture. Your "limited budget" computer is a very good product, because they have a reputation High-end meet. … Good work .. take care of it should last for years.

the complete guitar player book 1

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