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Should I learn the guitar or synthesizer in a band?

Ok, so the band would be like a pop band with a singer. We have a drummer. A a very good battery power which can change the way it sounds and it's really cool. Which instrument would be more difficult to learn? The synthesizer is expensive, but iThink would be easier to learn for me. I do not want to spend over $ 300. Also, if I have the guitar, I would face around a scene instead of just standng not it a plus, but it would be harder to learn, in my opinion. In the song "Our Lips Are Sealed" (I know a little) by the Duff sisters, before saying quietly now baby do not cry like just before the sound of a guitar or adjustment syntheizer? If Please help me decide. It's pop, so basically be a drummer and singer for nessecarily not need a guitar. Thank you in advance! We are not starting immediately

The difficulty of the instrument has more to do with the person than anything else. I always thought the guitar more difficult, but the guitarist in my group are always more difficult keyboards. I suggest you go to a music store and try both, even if you do not know what you do in each. Just play, and the instrument is likely that you choose. It seems that the synth is what is more oriented however. And contrary to what some might say, the synth is more than incidental or sound effects. If you decide to go with the synthesizer, you can save up a little $ 300. It will probably be nothing more than microkorg, which is a decent synth, but is not very good as a synthesizer in the first place.

learn guitar set

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