Learn To Play Guitar Praise Music

learn to play guitar praise music
Mighty to Save Guitar Lesson (Praise and Worship Song by Hillsong United) Guitarmann

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I’m new to playing lead guitar for worship music and I need advise on scales to study?

I noticed for most songs I can utilize the patterns from the major scale and phrygian scale. But I feel I’m at a road block at what else to become familiar with to be good at winging lead guitar in worship and praise songs. It’s a shame there’s none in the blues scale, that would make things so much easier and more enjoyable 🙁

any advise? scales to learn, hints tricks?
you can’t use blues scales in worship music because it doesn’t go with the song, and the style is too open to embellishment which can be considered distracting.. (I know, it’s kind of loony, but preforming in church is a blessing, it’s just a very very delicate blessing) I friggin love blues though! I know the blues scale like it’s some kind of reflex…

Know where to start. When a student wants to learn lead guitar, the best places to start is by first practicing scales, patterns, and right hand left hand coordination. Ultimately to learn lead guitar you will want to become highly familiar with the fret board from a music theory point of view. When you learn lead guitar, I can’t stress enough the importance of working to master patterns and scales.

There is a box set available for fret board training called Fretboard Logic. This box set will shave years of lessons and practice off of you, and help you master the fret board with very little effort, and very quickly. As a student that wants to learn lead guitar, you will also most likely look at getting speed. Most of my students that come to me to learn lead guitar, have a very strong desire to master the art of becoming a shred guitar player.

Shred guitar is a style of lead guitar playing that utilizes various forms of picking and motion to create a very fast style of playing. When you learn lead guitar, it is imperative that you master right hand left hand coordination. Right hand left hand coordination is accomplished through variations of exercises and techniques specifically designed to increase your coordination along with your speed.

If you want to learn lead guitar, it is imperative even if you have a good teacher and or coach, that you also have a system in which you have a systematic measurable approach with specific drills to practice with on a daily basis that will measure your advancement as you learn lead guitar. Also you must learn concepts such as how guitar speed really works, picking strategies, and types of motion. Also as you learn lead guitar, you need to focus on simple but effective drills.

Focus on different types of Fingering and Phrasing (e.g scales, patterns, chromatic, etc.) Another form of practice to utilize as you learn lead guitar is practicing along with other musicians. I have found that one of the best methods for this is by utilizing what is known as backing tracks and or Jam Trax. Backing tracks are simply recorded tracks of other musicians playing noted rhythm tracks that allow you as the lead guitarist to practice along with them. When you purchase the tracks, they will typically give you the key that each backing track on the cd is in, and you just practice playing lead guitar over the tracks. This is actually a much more effective way to learn lead guitar than by playing with other musicians. The reason for this is that when you practice with other musicians, quite often the musicians you are practicing with are not well developed, and can actually mess your practice session up because you began to get used to practicing with say an drummer that can’t keep good timing.

You can Google the term “backing tracks” or “Jam trax” and you will find a ton of web sites out there where you can purchase these backing trax for a very low price, and most of these sites offer immediate downloads. Also while you learn lead guitar, the absolute most important part is that you get maximum benefit from every single minute of practice, this requires utilizing an Ideal Speed Curve.

Training while in the Ideal Speed curve ensures you always train “in the zone. Training in the zone will make every practice, and every minute of practice count. I hope this advice helps you to get a good start as you learn lead guitar.

Check the links below, there is a fewr eally good articles about practicing techniques, and excellent starter tools for mastering scales, techniques, and making sure every practice counts with maximum results.

learn to play guitar praise music

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