Play Guitar Hero 3 On Computer

play guitar hero 3 on computer
Iron Man – Black Sabbath – Guitar Hero 3 PC Expert

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Guitar Hero 3 training help?

Ok, so I'll have many problems with the orange hard on Guitar Hero 3. Speed That's good, but the orange button is for me. Can you give me some advice please? I play Frets on Fire, which is like Guitar Hero, but his team. so any advice on the disk will be good in one of those games.

OMG, it took me years to realize that. All I continued make my hand up and down the frets. it: index – Middle finger green – Red Ring – Yellow Pinky Toe – Blue then move to the bottom of the index – Red Middle Finger – Ring Yellow – Blue Pinky finger – Orange will take some getting used to, but I see fulfilled all the difficulties, began to be easy – medium – Difficult – Expert. good luck xx

play guitar hero 3 on computer