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learn guitar wikipedia
Debussy, Clair de lune, guitar solo, James Edwards

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Why do people think they have taught guitarists?

If I ……. Like all guitar players asked "Have you classes taken in "And if the person meets the not immediately think they are wrong. Since I do not see the point of causing all the course instructors is to say essential. And you can hear on the Internet, I learn my ropes and ladders on Wikipedia. The Internet is actually very useful if a toll you want to learn music theory because there are dozens of websites.

What you say is true of all instruments and voice is not only guitar. I think you just to hear more guitar players, because many of them. And musician * They cover a wide area – and different styles. Sometimes when I meet new people, and ask others what they do for a living, and I say I am a professional musician full time, look at me aside and ask, "So – you in a band or something? "- That would be like asking Mrs. Butterworth if * you * were in a group that has business chamber music since 1984 (OK, I'm a little more connected than ..). and playing classical music – and if you have chosen this path, then yes, it takes a lot private study, and probably will receive at least a degree in music. This particular genre, it just requires more advanced techniques and subtle than you might learn, and thousands directory. That does not make * that * better than other types of music – although I must admit that we have our share of snobs – but do other styles of music. As GuitarCzar said (and I love your answers! All !!!), all learn from someone. I shudder when students put their faith in the Web sites of CD – because neither can see and hear you, and you need personal attention. GC tells us what I know to be true – a good teacher can teach in the past few weeks what would be needed for months or years to learn by themselves. And more often with instruments guitar others – except maybe the battery – on a student budget stoner some self-learning in the local music store, and is not qualified or motivated to help students learn at a comfortable pace, but keep them trapped in the same things or they do not know how to move forward, they are too blah * to motivate everyone, or just to get the milk for $ $. What shame. If you take violin lessons, studies to be a person who made the path of the old traditional school many lessons, perhaps one or two degrees etc and something important to do. I taught music since he left college – 1971. I retired from my choral work, so I could make my own musical projects, once again, full time. I made every dollar in professional music and music education from 1971 – there was no other work, even part time – music. assistance of many judges in the music, and I can donate my services in free clinics to school, for flute students who can not take lessons. If you think that the level of play here instead of the flute, a little more water! It breaks my heart when kids come clear if they worked for weeks or months to learn a difficult piece, and is simply * not * – poor tone, technique, breathing fingering hand position, wrong and stupid are slowing – and no knowledge of all alternatives, shortcuts and other things that give them the advantage. They have talent, building, call it what you want – but some nice hours with me or any teacher aid really (because I'm pretty unique!). And many of these young hopefuls at a large university in the music – never go into a decent school, and a poor college is a waste of time and money. Discuss universities. Such is business. They take your money, teach what is universally recognized as necessary and then leave. In 4 years is more of a miracle. And they do not have to say they are charging the wrong direction – That you know there are too many people who specialize in certain things (forensic primary education, music, art, women's studies, black studies, etc.) to ever find employment in their field – even in a good economy. So like – for you take in (if you can somehow pass the entrance exams, and in our case, hearing) and take your money, and when not – which is replaced another sucker. If you survive and graduate – are themselves. Now, the best schools in all areas – the Juilliard School, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, etc. – have very strict rules and a higher success rate for its graduates are employed – but they left school he there also – and clowns who somehow survive. West Point has a "prize" to the last position graduates every year – that John McCain has in his year. So – if you want to burn from time to time to play, and living near the poverty line, yes, you can call himself a musician – between saying "I want fries with that? "IF – I know classical musicians who are well – and themselves as pure * somehow the rest of us who have pressed! If you aspire to something greater, then good education to get put closer to this goal. I do not know anybody – and that's my business to know – it was full-time paid work only success in music, he never studied with anyone – he learned everything by themselves, without further education. If you think the elves and angels are going to visit his bedroom, and disseminate knowledge of the music for you – then you really need leave what you have in this tube. Good luck – and call a very good teacher. Good value in dollars – a poor and a waste of every penny.

learn guitar wikipedia