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lyrics to play guitar by john mellencamp
Wild Night John Mellencamp

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Grammy award winner George Ivan Morrison OBE or better known as Van Morrison – born August 31, 1945 in Bloomfield, Belfast, Northern Ireland – is an Irish singer, songwriter, writer, poet and multi-instrumentalist which has been in this business since the late 1950s. Is endowed with various talents of music and can play a selection of instruments, with counting guitar, harmonica, keyboards, drums and saxophone. With its rumble feature a unique blend of folk, blues, Irish and Celtic influences scat Morrison is widely considered one of the most remarkable singers and important in the history of rock and roll. According to critic Greil Marcus, but it sounds a little racial as has been said that "no white man sings like Van Morrison."

Known as "Van the Man" by his fans, Morrison first achieved fame as a singer of Irish band Them North, with their 1964 training hit "Gloria." After several years with the group, Morrison has pursued a solo career, therefore, became more prosperous and flourishing.

Morrison has pursued an eccentric musical direction. Much of his music focuses on key trends in the American soul and R & B, for example, the singles "Brown Eyed Girl," "Moondance," "Domino" and "Wild Night." An equal share of the collection consists of long, interconnected, morally enthused musical journeys that have influence Celtic tradition, jazz, and describe the flow of consciousness, as his classic album Astral Weeks and less popular works Veedon polar and common. Both strains are together sometimes called "Celtic Soul".

George Ivan (Van) Morrison was raised as an only child of George Morrison, an employee of the shipyard and Violet Stitt Morrison, singer and tap dancer in his youth. Van interested in music from an early age, like his father, after spending working time in Detroit, Michigan collected American jazz, country and western, blues and albums. It developed in him the same taste as his father in terms music and grew up listening to artists like Jelly Roll Morton, Ray Charles, Lead Belly and Solomon Burke. In a 2005 article in Rolling Stone, said: "The guys were the inspiration that I go. If not for this kind of music I could not do what I do now."

In a video interview taken in 1969, his mother said she was listening to recordings of the age of two years, and was so fond of him that he pulls the strings of her apron insisting that plays multiple records. His grandmother to come to turns, because they would play in the morning, afternoon and evening. "Singing songs at home on Saturday with family and friends and, although shy, the young Morrison was still singing on request. It gives his first concert as a child in your own version of Lead Belly "Goodnight Irene." Years later, he performed the same song with another of his childhood idols, Lonnie Donegan, on his album, The Skiffle Sessions – Live in Belfast 1998.

At seventeen, Morrison left home to tour Europe with the group Kings with his childhood friend, George Jones, Clubsound later established the spectacle of the band. Upon returning to East Belfast, Kings collapsed. Morrison again associated with Geordie Sproule and played with him in the Manhattan Showband along with guitarist Herbie Armstrong. When Armstrong auditioned to play with Brian Rossi and Golden Eagles, Morrison went along and both were hired. He got his first job as a blues singer as the group needed a saxophonist, but soon left to form an R & B at the Yacht Club Hotel. You want a good group to play with it, joined with members of the players. In April 1964, before the first opening night at sea, the group changed its name they have the idea of a horror movie fifties.

In 1970, Morrison then moved to Woodstock, New York, and launched their next album, Moondance. Moondance reached # 29 on the Billboard charts. The genus of this album was a great distinction to that of Astral Weeks. While Astral Weeks is a sad and vulnerable album, Moondance was much more dynamic and gay! The title song, but not published in the United States as a single until 1977, it was reported in the air. The song talks about "Into the Mystic" also carried out a fan base all the time. The single "Come Running", which reached U.S. 40. Moondance was both well received and received rave reviews. Lester Bangs and Greil Marcus both had a mutual full-page Rolling Stone Magazine, stating that Morrison now had "imagination the removal of a consciousness that is visionary in the sense of the word

With his next album, the new decade saw Morrison after his own reflection in uncharted territory and harsh criticism. In 1980, led a group of musicians with him Super Bear, a study in the French Alps, location of an ancient abbey, to record his "most daring and unclassifiable" from the album Astral Weeks. The album, Common One, consisting of only six songs of varying lengths. The longest, "Summertime in England" was one quarter of an hour and a half and ended with the words, feel the silence "The magazine NME, Graham Locke, named the album" colossally smug and dull cosmic?;. An endless arms, unfortunately spiritual emptiness, selfish "Even Greil Marcus, who had previously supported Morrison said:" They are part of the quality of the "mystic poet." Cris is supposed to be "Morrison persevered as the album was never" intended to be a commercial album, but once bitten by the harsh comments, Clinton Heylin concludes: "It does not look anything as ambitious again." After the critical review the album positively to the success of "Summertime in England" and other tracks that seem to take on new meaning in live performances. Lester Bangs wrote in 1982, "is sacred music will even if he thought it was, and we (sic) rock critics had made our usual mistake of paying too much attention to words. "

In the 2000s, Van Morrison continues his recording and touring trip, giving performances to two or three times a week. Listen to lesser known songs in concert than almost any other artist of his time, Morrison refuses to be covered by an act reminiscence.

In contradiction with the day of your departure to thank you for the music industry, now has his own independent label, Productions Ltd. exile, and has full power on each disc recorded, which was then offered as a finished product to the record company he chooses, for marketing and distribution.

In November 2006, according to the CNN list The All-Time Top 100 albums, two albums by Van Morrison in 1968, Astral Weeks and Moondance in 1970, were also included .. Its popularity continues music fans was evident when he was voted # 13 in all-time greatest artists WXPN 885 in 2006.

On February 22, 2007, Van Morrison has provided support to the second edition of Oscar Wilde: A tribute to an article published in the Irish Film Academy Pre-Party Awards in Los Angeles, California, for his contribution over fifty films and was honored by Al Pacino. Van Morrison at the Movies – Soundtrack Hits, a new album nineteen songs was released by label Morrison Exile Productions Ltd. in Manhattan license from EMI, February 12, 2007, to coincide with this event.

Later in the first, April 27, appeared in the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2007, the main event, where his former colleague and friend, Dr. John joins him onstage for a group. Morrison a également attiré la plus grande foule jamais (35 000) le 4 Juillet 2007, à Ottawa Bluesfest Convention. May 8, 2007 Van Morrison was entitled the Best Male International 2007 to London for the first International Jazz Club Ronnie Scott's, England.

Morrison influence is evident in the music of many great artists, with a lot of U2, The Unforgettable Fire, Bruce Springsteen's "Spirit in the Night", "July 4th stage "" Backstreets "John Mellencamp" A Little Night Dancin '", a cover of" Wild Night "Morrison, Jim Morrison, Joan Armatrading, Rickie Lee Jones, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, Patti Smith's poetic-proto-punk more explicit "Gloria" by Elvis Costello who later toured with Morrison, Graham Parker, Daryl Hall, Thin Lizzy, Bob Seger, Dexys Midnight Runners, Jimi Hendrix in "Gloria" by Jeff Buckley on "The Way Young Lovers Do," "Sweet Thing "and many others, along with Counting Crows in the" sha-la-la "sequence in Mr Jones was done in honor of Morrison.
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lyrics to play guitar by john mellencamp