Free Learn Guitar Skill

free learn guitar skill
6a FUNDAMENTAL GUITAR SKILLS: Learn Standard Music Notation

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What sites do you recommend to learn to play electric guitar for free?

I just got an incredible guitar Christmas today, and I was wanted to know how to play the guitar for years. All recommended sites to learn and master this skill?

I'm in the same situation, and I have two favorite sites for this purpose. The first is the second is i zentao started with, and I liked how it was on the techniques of the right hand and left in the first proper lesson and I can always return to the teachings and learn something new i missed the first time. justinguitar is my favorite because it has many more of a "personal" feel, Justin is a guitar teacher in Europe or something, the best thing that I learned of this site are the balance, and this are in fact those are the two best sites that I used to learn things in reality instead of playing songs

free learn guitar skill