Learn Guitar Boogie

learn guitar boogie
Tommy Emmanuel – Guitar Boogie

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Is this a good idea for my youtube page?

I was fascinated by the bass a long time now, and I will take down soon. I realize people covers of Jimi Hendrix, Smashing Pumpkins, The White Stripes, and other rock bands, but almost no bass hip hop encompasses online. So when learn to play bass well, I'll make the bassline hip hop covers and post them on YouTube. Here are some songs that I want to cover: Hootie Hoo Outkast Outkast- ATLiens-Cry-ONYX-TLC Waterfalls Sumthin wicked this way is CCM-Regulate Warren G Let me roll-Dr. F * ck Wit Dre Day-Dr. Dre. Dre Snoop Dogg Tha Shiznit-Bridge is on Boogie Down Productions These are just a few I have in mind right now. But it would be a good idea?

You took many great songs … I'm not impressed TLC on top! No one who is not worth one and I do not think anyone likes to listen. Excellent idea. As usually they are the highest people of their age or peer group in terms of thought or music. Peace, Love and Happiness

learn guitar boogie