How To Play Guitar Longer

how to play guitar longer
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I want to learn to play guitar, how long does it take to get enough qualified people?

I really want to learn to play guitar, I want to be able to write my own songs and music and play by ear. I do not know everyone can play by ear, but I would at least be able to play my favorite songs. I love music, I'm patient enough, and I have the motivation to learn. How time it takes does it take to start playing, and how do I get my travel guitar? I do not want that could be pulled into a local guitar shop, what would you recommend start? I am interested in learning the acoustic guitar, perhaps provide later. How much should a cost of robust acoustic guitar sound good, I ($$?) and guitar lessons are difficult and / or confusion? thank you.

Id say it takes about six months or more to get good enough. Id take a class, if I were you.

how to play guitar longer