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bass guitar learn free
Bass Guitar Techniques – Beginner Bass Lessons With Tom Boyd

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guitar question / low?

Follow a book really the best to learn the guitar (acoustic)? And where I can find online somewhere which free lessons at this place or who gives good advice for the acoustic bass? Perhaps your own opinion? IDK give some advice please

after a book is good, but often enough. probably the "best" way is to find another guitarist to teach, whether a friend or a random few of the lessons it offers. This way they can appropriate pace, say the bad habits that a book will not be able to do, and emulate their good habits. but does not replace lots and lots of practice and determination. There are many places online that can provide a basic education, but when it depends on what you learn. just do a search for principles or basic guitar lessons, and find plenty. more likely it is best to consult a couple of different sites instead of one (which if free and online, is probably incomplete).

bass guitar learn free

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