How To Learn Guitar At Home

how to learn guitar at home
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How to tune a guitar?

I found a guitar at home, but has not been set if this makes sense, but I want to learn the guitar need to know what strings are intended to be and I know that sounds weird, but can play the guitar without a belt, because I have one? Help please:)

His false? You must know the notes of the strings are supposed to be. From the thickest string (6th string), the notes should be E, A, D, G, B, E. The form is easier to adjust, is to use a tuner. You should be able to buy one in a music store. You play the note, and tell you what it is, which in turn Machinehead buttons (buttons above) before read the right note. Otherwise, you could play the note on a piano, and try to match, but I think very difficult. Hope this helps!

how to learn guitar at home