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the guitar player book
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Please help me connect a wireless controller guitar Fender Stratocaster to my Xbox 360!?

I tried everything and I have no idea how to make a wireless guitar player. Currently, only the normal wireless controller that comes with the Xbox is connected. How do I connect wireless guitar?!? I read in the book to press the sync button, and I tried three times and the right way and not connect. Please help!

Press and hold the sync button on the Xbox 360 to start the process sync, causing the lights around the power button to flash in a circle. Then press the pairing button on the guitar and the process itself must occur. After about 30-60 seconds should be linked. If you're logged in, but the player 2 and you want to be a guitar player, then turn the Xbox 360, which will make the guitar controller and off property. Then use the Guide button to turn the guitar on guitar, this should cause the 360 to start and the guitar controller number 1. This will only work if they have already managed to synchronize.

the guitar player book