I Play Guitar In Spanish

i play guitar in spanish
how to play a basic spanish guitar song

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What is the difference between acoustic and Spanish guitar?

What is the difference? My cousin (plays guitar) made me one Christmas: D and said his only different. I'll still be able to play regular acoustic songs, and remember that Sunday him? I live near a place that sells guitars, and if I could have another guitar that cost much? Arigato in advance as my cousin gave me a guitar with steel E, A, D chains and chain letters G, B, are nylons

The two main types of acoustic guitars Steel string flat top guitar and classical guitar (sometimes called the Spanish guitar). A classical guitar has a slot in the head, the drawbridge, a wide flat handle and the neck joins the body at fret 12. They played fingerstyle, not with a plectrum. classical guitars are used almost exclusively to play classical music. If this is not where their interests, then the guitar is bad for you. A string steel guitar has a flat top head mass, bridge pins, a narrow field of curves, neck and body normally meets on the box 14. You can play with a selection or typing. Can be used for a wide variety of music, including rock, pop, folk, bluegrass, blues, and more. To most people, this is a much better choice because of its versatility. The guitars are available at all price levels, but usually recommend spending at least $ 200 for a guitar good enough to not remember. Good luck.

i play guitar in spanish

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