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learn guitar download free
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how to play the guitar!?

I need to learn the guitar because my friend and I'll do a demo to send to a record company. I would like play guitar too, and I can not afford lessons right now! Do you have sites that are for beginners to help me learn the guitar quickly, download free? Let's make a demo cd, years 1 1 / 2 or 2, if you think I could learn so quickly?

Of course! But we must stay focused .. There is a great free ebook that you download from http://www.guitarleader.com that will show you all the basics to get started. It really good and has lots of diagrams and explains everything a beginner needs to know .. In all honesty, the first two or three months will be the most difficult .. You will see little progress at first because you need to learn the chords and the longest aspect of learning the guitar for a beginner. And fingers are really hurt for a while .. Do not give up and see how easy and fun to play the guitar can be .. Just over the first hurdles …. GOOD LUCK!

learn guitar download free