Guitar Playing Tips And Tricks

guitar playing tips and tricks
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I played acoustic guitar for 2 months and my hands are destroyed … advice to help them?

They are dry and cracked. Sometimes bleed. I know this is normal, but just wanted to see if there is an old trick that professional guitarist around the acceleration of the process. I really miss least of all, its been two days now. Clapton heard his fingers dipped in alcohol, but for me it's like fingers dry even more. Their advice and their comments greatly appreciated.

The only way to keep your calluses is to continue growing corns over them. Martin Guitars same an air conditioner finger tip which aims to put calluses on the fingers. When your fingers hurt, you should continue to play because if it stops, then you must do everything again. When not playing … he feels less alone with his guitar on his knees and press your fingertips on the strings … go for a minute then a minute Rest and rest and work and play. You can do this all night while you watch TV.

guitar playing tips and tricks