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learn guitar note
Learn Guitar – 02 – Major Scale Chord Construction

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How to learn guitar notes fast?

I'm in a guitar class and I'm not as easy as memorizing the notes. (Since A, C, D, whatever), next week we begin the agreements anyway, but I do not know the notes. So I have to learn the notes within 3 days of placing my class. I know three notes of the first and the second string, which are E, 1 st string open. F, 1 box first string. G, 3rd fret first chain. B, 2nd string. C, 1 ª ª chain 2. D, 3rd fret second string. I need a quick way to learn the ropes third and fourth. Help!?

they must first learn the model, notes E and F are next to each other (half-tone) and B C. all others are separated by a space (tone) to the floor of the EF-GA E-BC-DE, notes etc in the middle are the floors / sharp. Apartment / treble are among the names and by less than the flat or more – large, so that the note between A and B can be a # or Bb. the guitar is tuned EADGBE low to high, you can easily work notes. For example, in the chain you miss a box B and the second box (depending on the number above), then the next box (3 rd) will be C and there is no difference.

learn guitar note