Play Guitar While Standing

play guitar while standing

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How to stop getting pain in the neck or wrist, while the guitar …?

How can I stop this. If I'm sitting or standing playing with my back bent forward, especially right, and my neck bent down so your chin is a few centimeters of the V of my neck. Are there certain exercises, you can do before and during the guitar to stop the pain, or I have a bad attitude? As for my wrist, I'm right handed, my left hand (the hand friction) is wound on the outside of the wrist, about where the seal is mounted. I try to keep my right hand and smooth as possible, but when I play the same notes again and again to learn a song (play for several hours at a time) still hurts. Are there any exercises for the wrist that, I need to focus on recovery of arm and does not stretch too much?

It is very hard to help you, when in fact you do not see what you do. The left wrist (hand check) will skyrocket when they're still a beginner (played 6 months or less). But here are some things I do Attention: the left hand (hand check) – you want this side of the handle as possible. In other words, you want it to be below the height of front and rear (Away from you and guitar) and not behind the field (closer to your body). His neck – it is bad because you're looking for all time. Sooner or Later, he learned to stop watching the stick and the strings while you play. It's like now. Look straight ahead or start reading the partition or tablature. But do not continue to watch your fingers and strings. Good luck.

play guitar while standing

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