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learn guitar notes game
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Is there a specific strategy to beat Lou (Devil Went Down to Georgia) in Guitar Hero III?

I play on easy right now (I'm just learning the game) and with the notes is very easy, it's just the fact that Lou is doing what it can do. I choose to use power-ups (Or other) Lou cons when you have lots of letters before him, but I've seen videos of players who all use their special powers in the last minute and can not paste any notes and not, however, I tried this and it does not work (at least for me). How to overcome them?

Lou is more difficult to beat easy with few notes, believe me! You must learn to be on the hard drive or an expert in the league so there are lots of notes most to lose. Well, here goes: 1. Use power-ups ONLY when you have two or three, but do not let the battery too long, or you can lose by being replaced a new one. 2. Use power-ups in Lou solo parts, but to save at least one or two, to be sure before the song ends. 3. If the decision of the battery, then it is a sign of leakage death of Lou. Before starting only (lengthly), use power-ups which accumulated to blow.

learn guitar notes game

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