Learn Guitar Money For Nothing

learn guitar money for nothing
How to Play Money For Nothing Dire Straits – Guitar Tutorial with Tab

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should i buy my friends bass guitar?

ok, so my best buddy needs another 50 bucks to make his rent. and he has this old bass guitar hat he played a few years ago but quit with. and he wants to sell it to me for the $50 he needs. yes, of course i would give him the money he needs for nothing, but he offered to give me his old bass so idk. i play guitar okay, never had a bass so maybe i could learn with it?

as long you tell him that you would give him the money anyway, than go for it, if he don’t even play with it, don’t let it just sit there and collect dust. I play bass and I love it. Go for it. 50 bucks is a good deal and hey, if you have extra, throw in another 25 just as a nice gesture.

learn guitar money for nothing