Learn To Play Guitar Chords

learn to play guitar chords
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I want to learn to play guitar but my fingers are not strong enough to play chords bar?

I want to learn to play songs by Green Day, but I can not play barre chords because I can not get all the strings at the same time using only one finger to form a bar chord. Is it possible I can make my fingers stronger for this task?

The best way to strengthen your fingers by practicing every day. Little and often is the best because it allowed to practice with intensity. I recommend practicing half an hour every day and finger strength suddenly accumulate. Do not play not the same all the time or – mix a little and it will benefit your game Please be sure to warm up properly before each test session. Read this warning if you are not sure why I say this – http://www.guitar-instructions.org/guitar-exercises-guitar-warm-up/

learn to play guitar chords

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